St. Mary Glacier Park

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A note about bears and Glacier Park

Many guests call to inquire about bears and camping near Glacier.   There is not much to fear about a bear encounter in the area, but it’s good to be prepared.  When hiking  you should always carry bear spray.  We sell bear spray in the store as do most stores in the area.  You can take it across the US Border and you can also pack it in your luggage.

To answer a few common questions: Yes, we do have grizzly bears in and around Glacier Park. Yes, you will probably see one or more.  No, you will probably NOT see one at St. Mary KOA, but it could happen. The grizzly bear population has recovered very nicely since it was placed on the endangered species list and we do see quite a few of them in Glacier, but the incidence of human/bear conflicts has dwindled to the point that there is rarely an incident and when one happens it’s usually because the bear was surprised on a trail by a hiker who came too close to it’s young. At our campground, we recommend food to be stored in hard sided vehicles, cook grills to be cleaned and put away, trash in bear proof dumpsters and that guests keep their sites cleaned of all items that would attract a bear. We have never had a human/bear incident and would like to keep it that way.  In addition, leaving food items around can attract other critters that don’t need to be habituated to human contact so we encourage a “leave no trace” ethic for visiting the area.